Considering Botox? Consider SmoothMED

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At SmoothMED, our doctors are board certified and are specialists in aesthetic medicine. They have advanced Botox® and filler training and stay current on all of the newest products and procedures. We are recognized as one of the top 500 users of Botox® and dermal fillers in the country.


You can count on our experience to give you natural-looking, expert results every single time. Facial rejuvenation is what we do at SmoothMED. Our mission is to provide the highest quality service at an affordable price.

Not sure what treatment is best for you? No problem. We always offer FREE consultations at SmoothMED and WALK-INS are welcome any time! We offer the latest fillers to lift and contour the cheeks, plump up your lips, and address those stubborn lines between your nose and mouth (parenthesis). We also offer Ultherapy® for skin tightening, CoolSculpting® for those stubborn bulges, Kybella® for double chin contouring, the latest hand rejuvenation, Laser for skin rejuvenation, IPL for dark spots, Veinwave™/Hyfrecator® to treat red facial veins, and ViPeel® a leading chemical peel. We also sell specialized reparative and preventative cosmeceuticals and arnica.

REJUVENATION…What does it mean to you? Perhaps you want to look like you came back from a vacation; relaxed and rested. Maybe over the last few years you have lost some volume in your face or lips and would like to restore it. Do you want to highlight a feature or get rid of a stubborn crease? Whether you want to “relax” an area with Botox®, or add “volume” with dermal fillers, SmoothMED is a safe, fast, convenient and an affordable solution.

Our pricing structure is based on usage (units), not by an “area”. Charging by the area can sometimes be misleading or unfair to the patient. You may be charged for a specific area like the forehead, but given as little product as possible or a higher dilution of the product. The doctors at SmoothMED will analyze your particular needs and discuss with you how many units you may need to get the effect you want. A SmoothMED doctor is trained to recommend the least amount of product to achieve the best results for the patient’s individual needs; we would rather administer too little than too much. We want to earn your trust here at SmoothMED and appreciate your patronage. Stop in…your face will be happy you did!

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Last modified: September 29, 2017