Dallas’ Adolphus Hotel Turns an Overnight Stay into an Adventure

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Otto's/Adolpus Hotel

Built at the same time as R.M.S. Titanic, Dallas’ Adolphus Hotel has transformed itself into its own tourist destination.

Accommodations can range from the economical to the luxurious. The Adolphus has reinvented itself as a one-stop getaway. Here, guests never need to walk out their front door to create a memorable experience.

What’s Different Here

The usual high-end amenities are all in place, sure. Curated art bedecks the walls (without cowboys), and plush period pieces adorn the common areas.The food ranges from fine French to Southern staples. An inviting pool beckons from the rooftop. But activities abound.

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Visitors can take a whirlwind global trip of chocolate, for example. A visiting chef provides samples of cocoas from around the world and explains how growers lean into those flavors only their terrain and weather can provide. Likewise, the Adolphus prides itself in coffees, and its baristas chat in depth on their beans’ origins. Classes in making the hotel’s signature libations? Just ask.

French Room/Adolphus Hotel

Each experience goes only as deep as a patron cares to explore. So it’s choose-your-own adventure at the hotel. Haircuts happen in a vintage barbershop and spa treatments are handled with Old World delicacy. The hotel, built in 1912, has a history that almost any employee can stop and explain.

Old World Meets New

When guests arrive, it’s not unusual for them to be called by name before reaching the front desk. Many of the amenities are state-of-the art — including the sprawling and immaculate rooms. But the service? It’s just as Adolphus Busch (of Anheuser-Busch fame) would have expected.

The hotel has undergone numerous remodels and expansions — the last in 2018. But the Adolphus has now returned to its roots. Once it was the Dallas City Hall. But once Busch took ownership, he reimagined it as a beaux arts German castle.

Rooftop Pool/Adolphus Hotel

Fine dining and simple fare are also at the visitor’s discretion. The French Room is an ornate palace where multiple courses and conversation can fill a night. City Hall Bistro, conversely, caters to folks on the go or an intimate business chat.

The Adolphus also features an assortment of shopping options, including a Stetson shop for hats and accessories. Yes, the entire city of Dallas looms outside. Tex-Mex and barbecue await, along with gay bars of Oak Lawn, rodeos and the rest. But if you’re looking for a luxurious escape into the lap and need a recharge more than a race around town? Call the front desk, and wait. Pampering is their pedigree.

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Last modified: April 1, 2019