Dan Levy, Uncut

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True innovation breaks with the conventions of the past and builds toward a more inclusive future. But some ideas are just ridiculous. Between the two extremes of absurdity and ingenuity, we have satire.

Dan Levy is the ultimate emcee of WTF. When he recently hosted Saturday Night Live, it gave us life! His unhinged portrayal of a Universal Studios tour guide tweaking on caffeine was gag-worthy. The joke that sticks with us (pun intended) most was the idea of a softener. Y’know, a person or image that you conjure up to deflate your burgeoning erection. So, what’s your softener?

Moving right along, Dan also created a Broadway sensation with Hot Damn and fulfilled our middle-aged gay fantasies as a homo house hunter. But the entertainer’s boundless hilarity was too plentiful to fit within the 90-minute format of SNL’s iconic variety show presentation. Indeed, his dribble cup spilleth over with excess jokes!

Outtakes from Dan’s episode have emerged online and we are so here for them! Our favorite deep cut is a parody commercial that mocks toxic masculinity wherever it may fester.

The skit opens with stark, monochromatic footage of dudes being dudes. They work out, they scowl, and they are SO not queer, bro. But hetero heroes have skin care needs too, right? So the makers of Man Stain cosmetics have engineered a line of enhancement products packaged specifically for breeders.

Watch as one consumer cracks open a liquid concealer packaged to look like an IPA beer. Another Man Stain client aims an applicator at his face like he’s about to shoot himself.

Meanwhile, Dan Levy cuts through the BS by quipping, “So, it’s makeup?”

The proceedings grow increasingly ridiculous (as they so often do in SNL-ville) to underscore the main tenet of the sketch. Aside from being hateful and destructive, homophobia is fundamentally silly. If you are frightened by your own desire to look and feel your best, you may have bigger issues to work through than whether or not you wear blush.

Dan Levy’s comedic prowess really must be seen to be appreciated. Click the click below, but… y’know, in a manly way. Grr, and stuff. Enjoy!

Photo: YouTube @Saturday Night Live 


Last modified: February 16, 2021