Dear Carol: Match Me a Match, Catch Me a Catch

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Carol Sugar-Burke, one of our friends at Bespoke Matchmaking, answers our questions on finding love. What happens when the apps and bar-hopping don’t land you the guy of your dreams?

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Dear Carol,

I am definitely stuck in a dating rut and unfortunately it has taken me a few years to figure this out. These short term couple-of-month relationships or first dates that never turn into second or just the simple thought of agreeing once again to “having fun with no strings attached.” or even perhaps “friends with benefits” is done. How can I get out of this rut of endless dating?


Serial Dater

Dear Serial Dater,

First and foremost you have to make the decision to change what you are doing and try a different approach. Let your guard down and let the prospect of finding love become a reality. Get rid of the checklist of the perfect guy. It is time you realize no one is perfect and when you are eyes and heart are open, Mr Right could be right around the corner. Stop making excuses for yourself and be open to meeting and talking and getting to know someone. A bad date is just a bad date; there will be another date with someone you feel more chemistry or have similar interests with. The guy you have been looking at when you go to the gym that seems unattached really could be. Don’t be afraid to approach him. If not, it is just a “no” and there are many other fish in the sea. The friend you have crushed on for years who is now single and you both have never been single at the same time, for example. This is a first, and it is time to explore that option. Try these options first, and if you need more guidance I would be happy to suggest some meet-up groups or the possibility of using the help of a matchmaker.
I am sure Mr. Right is right around the corner!



Carol Sugar-Burke is an Executive Matchmaker for the premier gay and lesbian executive matchmaking firm Bespoke Matchmaking. For more information on Bespoke Matchmaking and to learn about our matchmaking service please click the link below to visit our website,

Last modified: September 29, 2017