Did “Drag Race” Show Us the Real Miz Cracker?

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miz cracker reclines with man

How does the drag queen we see on TV compare to this Miz Cracker audiences experience in person? The difference is extreme.

It’s a misty night in New York city, and a mysterious blonde figure is making her way to the stage in a draped fur coat. With the starting of the music, heels clicking on the stage, and spotlight on her face — it’s time for Miz Cracker!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 contestant and fan favorite Miz Cracker recently debuted her new woman-woman show at the Laurie Beechman Theatre, an intimate venue in the Chelsea area of New York City. Titled It’s Time, after her viral phrase “Okay Kaitlyn, it’s time for dinner”, Miz Cracker gives a bath-salt-crazy adventure through the experiences of being a gay man in New York, through all its many ups and downs. Though on Drag Race, Cracker was often critiqued by the panel of judges for coming off as too manufactured when it came to her personality and generally seeming unrelatable. It’s Time smashes all of these preconceptions and really gives audiences a meaningful and honest look into how TV drag differs from real-life. A central takeaway is that – while Drag Race is an excellent show in so many ways – it too often disconnects viewers from the reality of drag, making it difficult to discern between the character portrayed and the people behind the makeup.

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This journey through Miz Cracker’s past opens up not only the character of Cracker to the audience but also the real-life stories and quirks about the person behind the makeup (that many queer people will see themselves in). Through a series of comedic and heartfelt tales, Cracker opens up about longtime issues with family at home, alcohol abuse, coping with loneliness, and finding true passion in life. In addressing her struggle to navigate gay life and find success, Cracker really shows her strength as a performer – particularly as someone who can use the medium of drag for so much more than an outfit or lip sync. Being there, experiencing Cracker’s passion for drag and the messages of love and hard work that she promotes, really connects you to what’s going on beneath that platinum wig.

On TV, Miz Cracker may have had difficult conveying her personality, but once those heels hit the stage it shines throughout every moment. And she will leave you thinking—Shabbat-Shablam, that’s Miz Cracker!

Watch our exclusive video mini-interview with this wise Cracker.

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Last modified: March 28, 2019