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Metrosource wants to put you at the center of LGBTQ culture, with a wide array of features that cover topics that range from politics to entertainment, celebrity and personal stories. Every week, we offer a snapshot of our culture with our top stories of the week.

This Week’s Hottest Stories

The drama continues between famed choreographer Bob Fosse and his muse, Gwen Verdon in… you guessed it: Fosse/Verdon. Catch up quick!

Oh, the shade! The worst “Snatch Game” ever? The best runway yet? You won’t know all the classic moments of this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race unless you check out our recap!

No one — other than David Bowie — has worn as many memorable guises as our First Lady of the Dance Floor, Madonna. We have every bit of info that’s known about her upcoming album, Madame X. As a “secret agent,” she takes on multiple personas and rocks each one to the limit. A complete track listing, release dates and all the rest await here.

Last Week

Last week, Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg was “having a moment.” In politico speak, that means he was outperforming the competition and catching a lot of voter attention. He’s the youngest in the field, gay, and one of the few whose strategy is to not run against the man in the White House — but to suggest it’s time for a new generation to take the lead. We talked to Mayor Pete first. Read our exclusive interview.

At 20, Vaslav Najinsky had it all. A hundred years ago, he was an international star, draped in finery, and sought after by noblemen. He scandalized the ballet world as the first male dancer to appear in tights. In fact, Najinksy reinvented the dance with bold new choreography. Then suddenly, he was married, fired and imprisoned during World War I. Not long after, he started to lose his mind. Read about his rise and fall.

More From Metrosource


Taron Egerton hosted the NYC press this week to provide a 20-minute sneak peak of Rocketman, in which he plays the lead — Elton John. “They say you should be careful about meeting your heroes,” Egerton told us. See what he has to say about playing the rock icon — and how the movie will retell the pop star’s story. It’ll remind you of Moulin Rouge and Across the Universe. And, he says, it won’t shy away from being out and proud about its gay storyline. Read our exclusive interview.

We bid the fondest farewell to the recently canceled reboot of One Day at a Time. The original gave us little more than Bonnie Franklin fretting and Valerie Bertinelli and Michelle Phillips wandering through puberty. The new one? LGBTQ friendly, warm and funny. See why we’ll miss this special series so very much.

Despite his quiet demeanor, fashion mentor Tim Gunn knows how to tell a story that will make you howl. Did he meet J. Edgar Hoover in drag? What are he and Heidi planning next, and perhaps most intriguing of all: What the hell is an “asshole suit?” Let Tim tell you himself.

After the Proud Boys beat New Yorkers on the streets while yelling “faggot” at them, and … following the PULSE nightclub massacre, we got to wondering. Three to four million visitors are expected for the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. What is the city doing to prepare for our safety? We got incredibly granular in our chat with NYPD and the mayor’s office. And they returned to us with very specific answers.

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Last modified: April 21, 2019

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