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Metrosource wants to put you at the center of LGBTQ culture, with a wide array of features that cover topics that range from politics to entertainment, celebrity and personal stories. Every week, we offer a snapshot of our culture with our top stories of the week.

This Week’s Hottest Stories

You may recall actor Daniel Franseze from his roles in Mean Girls and HBO’s Looking. But his offscreen passion has been to educate and lobby lawmakers about broadening their grasp of issues related to HIV/AIDS. Read why he’s passionate about this role of a lifetime.

Hot. Outrageous. Sensual. Subversive. You can look at Manuel Rodriquez’ photography from a zillion directions — but you can’t look away. See how this visualist is documenting what it means to be LGBTQ in 2019 — and the remarkable journey that brought him here.

When ABC red carpet anchor Karl Schmid stepped out of the shadows to tell the world he’s been pop for ten years, he didn’t know it would be compared to Dorothy stepping out of her black and white world into the multicolored land of Oz. There’s a scientific reason that HIV stigma should be over, he says. Watch what this couragous Aussie has to say on video about his crusade — U=U, or “Undetectable Means Untransmissable.”

Miss Any of These?

Did you know that before World War II, gays and lesbians actually faced less persecution? That’s because back then, it was simply not discussed. At all. Then, after the war and the Soviets got their hands on a nuclear weapon, it was assumed that couldn’t have happened without the help of Americans who had been blackmailed as “perverts.” And there you have the genesis of The Lavender Scare, one of the best LGBTQ docs ever. Take a look back.

Indya Moore may be the next breakout performer among the stellar cast of Pose. As the show enters its second season on FX, we spent some quality time with Moore — just before that nasty encounter with a Trump supporter outside the studios where the show is filmed. Here’s Indya: unfiltered, unrepentant, and utterly uncanny.

We look back at some of the hottest screen Latino lovers of all time. You’d be surprised how many of them have a gay past. Ramon Navarro, who played Ben Hur; Rudoplh Valentino, who held sway as a sexy Sheik, and Cesar Romero, who was a hearthrob long before he was TV’s Joker on Batman. Rumors or fact? Decide for yourself after reading our remembrance.

No doubt you’ll remember actor Murray Bartlett from HBO’s gone-too-soon series, Looking. Rejoice, because Bartlett is back in the City by the Bay as Michael, an older, wiser and poz character in the latest installment of Armistad Maupin’s Tales of the City. See why Bartlett can’t keep away from the Castro in our exclusive interview.

More From Metrosource


Promoter Jake Resnicow has quite the task ahead. He’s the man tapped to make sure the first celebration of WorldPride includes a jaw-dropping party that’s worthy of Stonewall’s 50th anniversary. Take a look at why he’s the right man for the job — and how he plans to pull of the celebration of a lifetime.

Wayland Flowers was the acid wit behind the brassy broad made of wood known as Madame. See how this funnyman rose to entertainment’s top tier — then ended his life in an AIDS hospice house in Los Angeles. He may have been an early victim of the epidemic, but his legacy? Lots of love and laughter.

Dexter Fletcher is the man behind both Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman. He finished the Queen biopic after director Bryan Singer was fired well into production — but he says it wasn’t really his vision. Rocketman is. See how his movie recalls Moulin Rouge and Across the Universe — and how it may have given young Taron Egerton the role of a lifetime in our revealing interview.

Catch Up!

Gay Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is still “having a moment.” In politico speak, that means he’s outperforming the competition and catching a lot of voter attention. He’s the youngest in the field and one of the few whose strategy is to not run against the man in the White House — but to suggest it’s time for a new generation to take the lead. We were among the firs to South Bend Indiana’s Mayor Pete. Read our exclusive interview.


Despite his quiet demeanor, fashion mentor Tim Gunn knows how to tell a story that will make you howl. Did he meet J. Edgar Hoover in drag? What are he and Heidi planning next, and perhaps most intriguing of all: What the hell is an “asshole suit?” Let Tim tell you himself.

After the Proud Boys beat New Yorkers on the streets while yelling “faggot” at them, and … following the PULSE nightclub massacre, we got to wondering. Three to four million visitors are expected for the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. What is the city doing to prepare for our safety? We got incredibly granular in our chat with NYPD and the mayor’s office. And they returned to us with very specific answers.

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This Week: "Looking" actor Daniel Franzese on lobbying for HIV awareness, Manuel Rodriquez on LGBTQ photograpby and Karl Shmid oh HIV stigma.

Last modified: June 23, 2019

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