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Stories of the Week

Metrosource wants to put you at the center of LGBTQ culture, with a wide array of features that cover topics that range from politics to entertainment, celebrity and personal stories. Every week, we offer a snapshot of our culture with our top stories of the week.

This Week’s Hottest Stories

If you missed Drag Me Down the Aisle, you missed one of the great confections of recent reality/drag TV. In preparing for the Big Day, three queens brought their A Game in order to make the occasion all the more special. With Juju Bee werking the fashions, Alexis Michelle on hand for makeup and hair and Bebe Zahara Benet managing decor, they helped to up the game of Bride Emily and Groom John. Revisit the magic they brought to an unforgettable wedding.

Joe Orton was one of the great playwrights of his age — the counterculture ’60s. He thumbed his nose at propriety. His in-your-face sexuality was everywhere in plays like Loot and Entertaining Mr. Sloane. He even wrote a script for The Beatles. And then, his unstable lover took a hammer to his head. What happened to Joe Orton?

We bid the fondest farewell to the recently canceled reboot of One Day at a Time. The original gave us little more than Bonnie Franklin fretting and Valerie Bertinelli and Michelle Phillips wandering through puberty. The new one? LGBTQ friendly, warm and funny. See why we’ll miss this special series so very much.

Last Week

After the lukewarm reception that greeted the Tom of Finland movie, filmmakers wanted to make sure they didn’t bring a similarly neutered version of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe to the screen. Well, the Mapplethorpe bio starring Matt Smith (who played Prince Philip on The Crown) does have a lot of penis in it. But does it really uncover the man who considered the male anatomy as beautiful as the flowers he photographed? See our review.

Imagine being a retailer more comfortable in Hallmark Card-like superficial interactions with customers than in talking with your own family members. One gay man opens up about being wounded and shaped by the cutting remarks of the people who were supposed to love him unconditionally. They didn’t.

Much as you might love a partner, no two people share the exact same tastes in everything. Our essayist Wade Rouse takes a deep dive into his initial resistance to the phenomenon that is Game of Thrones. As they discovered — one at a time — resistance is futile. Plus: Dragons!!

Back in Time

Despite his quiet demeanor, fashion mentor Tim Gunn knows how to tell a story that will make you howl. Did he meet J. Edgar Hoover in drag? What are he and Heidi planning next, and perhaps most intriguing of all: What the hell is an “asshole suit?” Let Tim tell you himself.

After the Proud Boys beat New Yorkers on the streets while yelling “faggot” at them, and … following the PULSE nightclub massacre, we got to wondering. Three to four million visitors are expected for the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. What is the city doing to prepare for our safety? We got incredibly granular in our chat with NYPD and the mayor’s office. And they returned to us with very specific answers.

Some people who don’t support the Oval Office occupant’s plan for a wall buy a bumper sticker. Some donate to a candidate running against him. If you’re one of the most recognizable voices of the last century, like Barbra Streisand, you make a record called Walls. It’s her most political yet. Listen to her explain why it had to happen.


We’ve all heard it’s best to forgive and forget. But are there circumstances when you’ve been done so dirty that you just can’t do either? One gay man takes us through a breakup that would have sent other guys running years earlier. And spoiler: He neither forgives nor forgets: Here’s why:

As Drag Race All-Stars wound down, we were delighted to see Monet X. Change among the last queens standing. When we talked to her, we asked if she could take a time machine back to the Stonewall riots of 1969 50 years ago, what would she say to those who took to the streets demanding equality. What we got was a lesson in Pride and humility. See her tell it like it T-I-is.

Almost anyone would make a better president than the current Oval Office occupant. But who would be best? Certainly the mayor of South Bend — who was first elected with 74 percent of the vote and then ran up those numbers with a successful reelection that brought him a whopping 80 percent of the vote. How does a gay man in Mike Pence’s Indiana manage a feat like that? Pete Buttigieg may have a name that’s tough to pronounce, but his ideas for the country sound like a breath of fresh air. See what he has to say in our exclusive interview.

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We all are curious about What Men Want, but it took gay choreographer and So You Think You Can Dance judge Adam Shankman to make a movie about it — starring no less than Taraji P. Henson! In our interview, Shankman also spills the T on directing the sequel to Amy Adams’ Enchanted. We’re over the moon!

In our exclusive video, Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars contender Manila Luzon muses on the origins of America’s current obsession with drag. And when she’s asked whether Ru or Divine should be considered the Mother of Drag (with apologies to Game of Thrones‘ Khaleesi), Luzon made the smartest choice available.

She’s got some big shoes to fill after Bette Midler and Bernadette Peters both wowed the crowds on Broadway in the title role of Hello, Dolly. But that’s okay: Nobody leaves a bigger footprint on the Great White Way than Betty Buckley. See our review:

Lemon Gets Squeezed

CNN anchor Don Lemon took the stage at the Metrosource People We Love gala to thank the crowd for their support — which has to be heartening, since Lemon and his colleagues on and off-camera have now been twice evacuated from CNN headquarters in the wake of bomb threats.

Many celebs would ask to be sequestered while not actually speaking. But Lemon made himself available for dozens of selfies, innumerable handshakes and more than a few hugs. Why did he make the ideal cover subject for our People We Love issue? Because Don Lemon exemplifies what Metrosource wants to honor: he proudly represents the LGBTQ community, his presence on camera and off is one of dignity, compassion and intellect, and he implores people (including actor Kevin Hart and the current Oval Office occupant) to be the best versions of themselves — even if they choose not to rise to the challenge. See his inspiring remarks at our event Tuesday.

The King of Kink and Kiki

Jake Shears could have done nearly anything his heart desired after putting Scissor Sisters in cold storage. Instead, the lead singer and songwriter behind the group’s biggest hits decided to do everything.

In the past 12 months, Shears has released a memoir, Boys Keep Swinging, appeared for months in the Harvey Fierstein/Cyndi Lauper Broadway hit Kinky Boots, released his first solo album and launched a world tour.

He’s fond of challenges, he says in our newest issue. That’s probably a good thing, since he’s become single after a relationship he thought would last a lifetime and relocated to New Orleans. Our interview takes him from childhood up to the minute. Read our candid conversation with the former Scissor Sister and cover guy.

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Last modified: March 17, 2019

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