Door-to-Door Divas: Serving Up Drag Realness

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In the good ol’ gays, Friday night was a time for getting together with your besties to hit the clubs. And the best clubs hit back! The Oasis Cabaret in San Francisco cornered the (South of) Market with an ass full of sass, delivering comedy, cuisine, and musical flair to spare.

But as Covid-19 continues to be the ultimate buzzkill, times are changing. Fans can no longer gather in joviality at their favorite queer enclaves, so now Oasis is shimmering their way to a doorstep near you!

That’s right, owner D’Arcy Drollinger is deploying a squadron of stiletto-wearing servers to deliver food and ‘tude as part of an initiative called “Meals on Heels.” Every Friday night, San Franciscans can summon a sashay session with the click of their fabulously manicured fingertips. Drag performers will then provide dinner and a show directly to your address (with a capital “dress”).

Much like every other bar in America, Oasis was facing financial woes as their PPP money dwindled to a whisper. Drollinger had the idea to deliver cocktails to those who craved them most, but Oasis needed to add food to the mirthful mix to adhere to local laws. “Meals on Heels” dragged up an innovative approach to HOspitality with the help of a local caterer, Martha Avenue.

Once the table was set, it was time to heat up the SF scene, disco inferno style. Kochina Rude is one of the fan faves at Oasis, and she death-dropped at the chance to bring her signature talent to hungry audiences throughout the city. So, if you suddenly hear the roar of CeCe Peniston’s “Finally” echoing through your ‘hood, accompanied by the smell of gourmet delivery fare, keep your eyes peeled for Ms. Rude.

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Not to be upstaged, Amoura Teese is really cleaning up these days. Drag queens survive on tips, and Amoura is earning her green with a rainbow of talent.

San Francisco is the capital of empowerment and enlightenment, and no virus can diminish her glow. Despite our setbacks, the LGBTQ community always finds a way to groove forward, and now it’s blazing a delicious path to your neck of the woods. Eat up, listen up, and cheer up, courtesy of “Meals on Heels.”


Last modified: September 10, 2020