“Drag Race” All Star Jasmine Masters Dishes Straight Men Doing Drag

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Jasmine Masters

We asked RuPaul’s Drag Race All Star Jasmine Masters about straight men doing drag, and she shared some of her favorites.

From the boys of Monty Python (mostly straight) to John Travolta in Hairspray (allegedly straight), the worlds of film and television have provided a plethora of heterosexual men making us laugh – and sometimes even cry – while wearing women’s clothing. Other memorable turns include Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in Some Like It Hot, Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie, Eddie Murphy in the Nutty Professor films and Tyler Perry as Madea in more than ten films (including the forthcoming A Madea Family Funeral.

So we decided to ask if any of them had tickled Ru girl Jasmine Masters. “Hey, Metrosource!,” says Jasmine. “Let me tell you: My favorite all-time movie of any straight man doing any type of drag – it would have to be either Flip Wilson or… um… what was Miss Thing’s name? Mrs. Doubtfire!”

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For those unfamiliar, Flip Wilson was an American comedian and actor best known for television series and specials in the 1960s and 1970s, including his variety show, The Flip Wilson Show. Audiences flipped for his recurring drag character Geraldine. Mrs. Doubtfire was a 1993 film that starred Robin Williams as an actor willing to go undercover as the titular matronly British woman in order to play nanny to his kids after separating from his wife (Sally Field).

“They were the most two funniest people to me ever,” Jasmine elaborated. “Flip Wilson was the first drag queen male that I’d ever seen. And then Mrs. Doubtfire – me and my cousins, we watched that over and over and over and over!”

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Watch Jasmine describe her memories of Flip Wilson and Robin Williams in drag via our exclusive video:

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Last modified: March 12, 2019