This is the DragCon Gallery of Images You’ll be Living For

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DragCon 2019

Another year of DragCon fierceness has come and gone, children. But what indelible images they’ve left in their wake. Take a stroll through our gallery of images. Marvel along with us at the creativity of not only the telegenic queens from Drag Race yesteryear — but the endless artistry of the attendees.

The photo gallery was shot by one of our favorite contributors, Roger Wingman. He sees beauty everywhere, from the sublime to the sexy to the ridiculous, and we’re delighted to share some of his most memorable shots — and subjects. New York doesn’t just talk an A Game, they bring it, hard, fast and furious.

And here’s something that’s really fun: the more DragCons you attend, the more you’ll notice that gender norms are disappearing. Drag was once synonymous with men slaying the competition in heels, wigs, gowns and makeup. Now it’s become a marketplace and celebration of gender non-conformity.

Yes, there are still guys sitting on barstools a few blocks away in their Dockers and Banana Republic pullovers watching The Game and chowing down on chicken wings. But they no longer have a lock on what passes for public attire anymore. And their notion of a rigid golf course dress code? That’s likely gone forever.

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Last modified: September 11, 2019