Eagle LA: Fund Me Hard!

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Safe spaces have never been so endangered. Much like the bird that bears its name, Eagle L.A. has faced extinction before, but it always soars above adversity to spread its wings wide.

This Los Angeles leather Mecca is a mélange of sensory indulgences. From the cigar smoke wafting through its flirtatious patio to the ravenous patrons in the backroom to the festive fisting videos emblazoned across every TV screen, the Eagle exemplifies hedonism. Once your bladder is engorged with robust cocktails, you can enjoy the view at the urinal trough and find a rainbow of relief.

But in the wake of an LA lockdown that nears its 11-month anniversary, this gritty gropefest needs assistance. To quote their GoFundMe page:

“When COVID hit in March and closed our doors, we hunkered down and did everything possible to stay in business. Surviving this devastating financial hardship has been extremely difficult. Although we did receive relief loans at the beginning of the pandemic, we never expected the forced closures to go on this long.”

Ruggedly resilient, the post continues, “Those funds are now running out, and the currently proposed COVID relief bill for small business does not go nearly far enough to help the mostly impacted restaurant and bar industry. We have lost too many historic venues resulting from this pandemic already, which is changing the face of our community. This is why we are asking for your help to keep Eagle LA from closing permanently.”

Owner Charlie Matula is one of the most dashing daddies to ever grace the Silver Lake scene, and he has since updated his fundraising page with the following digital seduction:

“I look forward to the day once on the other side of all this, when we can again hang out at The Eagle, lights low, music rockin, raising our glasses! Until then, please continue to love one another and stay safe!”

If that’s not enough to whet your proverbial whistle, then you are cut off, young man. We can’t wait to hoist a cold one in the hottest bar in LA (once it’s sensible to do so). Bottoms up, supreme!

Photo: TimeOut

Last modified: January 21, 2021