Easter Came Early This Year

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Get ready for a mouthful of protein because Cadbury is getting gay all up in your face. Their latest UK advert (that’s British for commercial) features an orally adventurous queer couple sharing a crème egg in each other’s willing gobs (that’s British for kiss-hole).

The clip is entitled The Golden Goobilee because it celebrates the 50th anniversary of the gooey snack treat. The narrative explores the various types of consumers and the ways in which they ingest Cadbury eggs. After meeting a few “dippers” and “lickers” (filthy – we love it), the ad introduces us to Callum Sterling.

He is deliriously spinning his real life partner Dale Moran in a sugar-fueled hootenanny. A chyron suddenly appears over their heads, identifying them as “sharers.”

To live up to their benevolent title, Dale and Callum lean in, open their mouths, and indulge in a three-way makeout session between the two men and the Cadbury crème egg locked in their four lips. The narrator coos, “We are down with that!”

And then the translucent, sticky white discharge flows.

For decades, this Easter candy has been a symbol of experimentation and inclusion. The ubiquitous Cadbury commercials from the 1980s depicted an array of bunnies auditioning to be spokesrabbits for the sinfully unconventional crème egg. Some of the aspiring pitch creatures roar like lions while others croak like frogs. They are all accepted for who they are, but only the clucking bunny can be the Cadbury star.

At the risk of overanalyzing the message of these vintage spots… we’re totally going to overanalyze the message of these vintage spots. Cadbury’s branding has always embraced the fluidity within all of us. Whether you are a rabbit/dog hybrid or a cartoon Julius Caesar who plays jazz saxophone, you embody the spirit of the crème egg.

Traditional candies always stuck to one “type” – they were either chocolate or creamy, but never the twain should meet. But Cadbury eggs came along to teach us a new way of enjoying life. You could have your goo and eat it too, courtesy of these messy confections.

Fast forward to their latest campaign. LGBTQ+ inclusion is perfectly on-brand for Cadbury. Callum and Dale are reveling in their crème eggs because that’s how they eat, dance, and love. So, crack open a Cadbury with your special someone and omelet the good times roll!

Photo: YouTube @Cadbury 



Last modified: January 12, 2021