Edwin Picks Pics: The Most Photographed LA Spots

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In this day and age of social media, it seems everybody wants the ideal background for that next selfie. So for those who live on Instagram, I have a few tips. Who better to tell you the most photogenic parts of LA than a local photographer who has lived here for 25 years now. (Or am I am dating myself?)

Universal City at Night

Every time I have guests from out of town, I know exactly where to take them – places that look amazing in photos. Just a small sampling would have to include the above image of Universal City at night. Now that’s some neon!

Then there are the beaches, which are known throughout the world for their beauty.

LA Beaches

And last but far from least, the City of Lights at LACMA on Wilshire Boulevard. Gorgeous.

LACMA Lights in LA

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Last modified: January 17, 2018