Eva’s Kitchen: Where Flavor Meets Fitness, without the Attitude

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Eva's Kitchen

Eva’s Kitchen is one New York health restaurant and supplement store that’s making a name for itself by making a difference for their customers and clientele.

Ever been in a health food store or supplement shop where they don’t seem to know the difference between elite and effete? At Eva’s, every person served gets all the information they seek, but none of the attitude that can be either confusing or annoying.

And, as the proprietors see it, the goods and services you’ll find at Eva’s are just as unique as the New Yorkers they enjoy serving daily.

“New York is full of health restaurants and supplement stores,” they say, “and Eva’s stands out among them not only for combining the two kinds of venue under one roof, but for what it brings to each. While we have a diverse group of loyal customers who value their health and fitness to varying degrees, we are unique because of how many of them are extremely serious about these goals.”

Chances are, if you stop into Eva’s, you’re going to see people who remind you a lot of yourself.

You’ll find what the owners describe as “a steady stream of local trainers, dancers, professional athletes, bodybuilders, and strength athletes who pass through our doors on a daily basis, often to enjoy a meal after shopping for products that aren’t available at GNC or Vitamin Shoppe, or even oftentimes, online.

“As far as our nutritional philosophy goes,” they say, “our sandwiches and plates are prepared clean and loaded with high-quality sources of protein. Our highly knowledgeable store staff includes several active competition athletes who serve as Eva’s best ambassadors by regularly consuming the same supplements and meals that our customers do. As a family-owned establishment for four decades, our longevity undoubtedly speaks volumes about what we offer the community.”

For the locations in NYC, visit their website.

Last modified: August 29, 2018