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Brisbane is the capital of the Queensland Australia, but that’s only one of the things this spectacular city has going for it.

Brisbane AUS

For Australia, Brisbane is a major city with 3.4 million people – considered pretty substantial by Australian standards (by way of comparison, consider that Los Angeles county’s population is almost 18 million). Brisbane is also a city of enormous charm. It’s one of Australia’s oldest cities, but still new considering that the country itself is less than 300 years old (excepting the Aboriginals who predated English colonization). It’s a popular tourist destination because of its impressive and varied architecture. Many structures date from its early history are preserved like the train station, city hall, old hotels, charming homes and my favorite – the main train station.

Brisbane AUS

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The center of city is condensed enough that you can walk the entirety of it in a few hours. And it’s a gorgeous walk!! I’ve been here for three days and I clock in about 20,000 steps a day to go from one architectural wonder to another. It’s definitely a walking city. Make sure you make a stop at Wilson’s Lookout, a small park that offers incredibly picturesque views of the city (located at 5 Moray St, New Farm).

Brisbane AUS

Brisbane is also the gateway to Queensland; and just an hour from the city center are endless white sandy beaches. and I’m thinking here particularly Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Some consider it paradise, and it’s easy to see why.

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Last modified: August 16, 2019