Explore a Pastel Paradise with Gray Malin

Written by | Art & Design, The Lens

We experience emotions in vibrant Technicolor. Sensuality feels like a gritty flood of scarlet imagery, serenity is often a calming azure hue, and anger clouds our consciousness in a pastiche of charcoal gray.

But what palette is liberation?

Everyone may answer the above question differently, but we would like to nominate the pastel tableau of Gray Malin. The LA-based shutterbug has circumnavigated the globe finding gregarious gay glee in every corner of humanity.

“I wanted to make work that took you away, it transported you, it was a daily escape,” declares the fabulous photog.

Malin made a brand for himself capturing aerial shots of the world’s most alluring destinations, but his itinerary was grounded due to COVID-19. He used the downtime to excavate beauty in his own backyard, climbing to the heights of curiosity and depicting the Hollywood sign in glorious black and white splendor.

It was a rare departure for Malin, who makes a habit of splashing baby blues and flirty pinks across his portfolio with zeal. But even though he took a short break from painting our collective reality red, he never lost sight of the neon light at the end of the tunnel.

“People have written,” narrates Malin, “explaining how a photograph of mine helped them get through the hardest parts of the pandemic. It brought them joy every day and it took them away, far, far from their homes.”

Brighter days are finally upon us. As we navigate the boundaries of viruses, vaccines and vacations, we can once again gaze upon the horizon with optimism.

So, do you see the future through rosé colored glasses?

Or are you still in your blue period?

Either way, Gray Malin ignites your imagination with a soothing shimmer of style that (we hope) lasts a long while. Bon voyage, wherever you may roam…




Last modified: June 7, 2021