How a Fitness Fan Turned His Cookie Craving Into a Protein-Packed Healthy Snack

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The Protein Bakery

The familiar aroma of freshly baked blondies, brownies and cookies that permeates the interior of The Protein Bakery is likely to arouse feelings of nostalgia, but the treats found inside this upscale Chelsea storefront are quite unlike the ones Nanna used to make.

Owner and founder Stephen Charles Lincoln is the entrepreneur behind this independent bake shop. With his selection of natural ingredients, chic packaging and canny marketing strategy, he’s hoping to flip the idea of post-workout snacks on its head.

After launching the brand in 1999, Lincoln’s assorted collection of whey protein-packed cookies, brownies and cakes have caught the attention of no less than Oprah, Rachael Ray and Dr. Oz. Today, Lincoln continues to grow his subscriber base by filling a void in a market dominated by sugary snacks. The oat flour used to make each of his confections is naturally gluten-free,and even vegans can indulge thanks to a new line of plant-based cookies made with peanut butter protein, which comes in flavors like pecan and peanut butter chocolate chip.

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“Before I committed to getting healthy, my life was out of balance,” Lincoln explains. “My weight was up, my spirits were down, and as a result, my career, relationships and focus were flatlining.” Lincoln’s first step toward regaining a balanced life was to establish a consistent fitness routine. After losing 82 pounds, he was inspired to help others do the same. He traded a visual design career working with high-profile clients like United Colors of Benetton to pursue a new path as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer in New York City. “An important component of my gym life was having smart snacks to keep me on track,” Lincoln shares. “Finding none that provided nutrition and delicious taste, I created my own.”

Some 20 years later, The Protein Bakery ships its products to health-conscious eaters around the globe. “Fitness is my business; baking is my passion,” Lincoln says with satisfaction. Where’s the line between elite and effete? Discover for yourself at for store hours and online ordering. 

The Protein Bakery
144 W. 19th St.
New York, NY 10011


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Last modified: February 10, 2019