Flag Yay! Viral Sensation Turns Theft into Theftonade

Written by | The Lens

These colors don’t run… they dance! When a Chicago couple had a Pride flag stolen from their perfectly manicured terrace, they responded defiantly and dazzlingly.

Allow us to provide color commentary. Sports reference? How butch of us! As the video kicks off, “I’m Comin’ Out” glitters into your ear-holes and the narrator addresses his thief directly. Our hero sarcastically apologizes that “a rainbow bruised your fragile ego” before writhing in a sea of freshly purchased Pride flags.

The candy-hued accessories flutter, they inspire, they come streaming out of our protagonist’s mouth like festive vomit after a five-mimosa brunch. Truly, this is an F-U for the ages. The playful post ends with a declaration: “You can take our flag, but you’ll never take our Pride.” Bravo (network)!

The video provides a sly metaphor about the indefatigable nature of the queer soul. Push us down and we will rise up stronger than ever. Also, it’s just way damn funny.

The viral clip is the latest hilarious vignette from @BowtieinChicago – that’s his handle on Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. Hello, branding! Earlier this year, Bowtie taught us how to be a Karen. We’re still gagging on our Chardonnay.

Set to the macho tune of “Eye of the Tiger” (seriously, we want his playlist), Karen dons a hatchet-hairdo, snap-on gold lamé bracelets, and attitude galore. In this ersatz training video, the ubiquitous Karen mouths the words “let me speak to your manager” in the mirror before heading out to rule (ruin) the world!

@BowtieinChicago is sassy, sweet, and he’s a snazzy dresser too!

Marco Braun (left) is making social media gay again with the help of his adorbsies (adorable) partner Danny Chapman.

Together, they weathered the indignity of having their Pride flag stolen. In response, they painted the Internet with rainbow realness.

@BowtieinChicago proves that dignity is not about the decorations on your patio, but rather the elation in your heart. The message was received, loud and queer, racking up over 44,000 likes (and counting) on Twitter alone! Revenge is a dish best served fabulous.


Last modified: August 22, 2020