For Best Results, Just Add Water: Splash House Rocks the Gay Scene

Written by | The Lens

Society is a patchwork quilt of exclusion and inclusion. We want to belong, yet we also strive to stand out. As gay people, we feel this contradiction on a personal level. Our lives are a dichotomy of assimilation vs. ascension.

And now is our time in the sun.

We can “fit in” while also experiencing an unabashed sense of queerness in a poolside paradise, sipping cocktails while bopping to bangin’ beats with our besties by our well-tanned sides.

The dream is real, and it’s all happening in Palm Springs. At Splash House, to be precise.

Move over, Coachella, because this two-weekend music festival caters to the flirty, fierce partygoer in all of us. Gays descend on Splash House throughout the month of August and across four fab venues to bring LGBTQ+ life to the hawt, hawt summer.

Concerts erupt at three must-visit locales in the gayest city on mother-tucking earth. The Saguaro is like a Pride flag come to life. Colors ooze from every surface, as do adult beverages. Speaking of wasting away, Margaritaville is your next stop on the Splash House tour. And finally, Renaissance rolls out the blue carpet with pools that sprawl across its landscape, beckoning adventurous same-sexers to get very, very wet.

Free shuttles cart your fine, gay ass from venue to venue with ease, ensuring that you can indulge in the finer elements without worrying about driving.

Buzzkill averted!

Instead of motoring, we’d rather float our cares away, along with our inhibitions. And when gay turns to night, the soirée doesn’t stop. Splash House hosts an after hours shindig at the Palm Springs Air Museum because, let’s face it: you are next level, sweetie.

Ravers devour the dusk, muscles wrap around each other lasciviously, and your every queer craving is satiated… then you wake up and do it all over again.

Splash House brings the entire concept of safe spaces out of the shadows, on the road and in your face. Sorry, breeders – we’re sunstruck now and we’re not going inside until the proverbial music ends. Crank up the inclusion.

Photo: Mallory Turner 

Last modified: August 27, 2021