Freixenet: An Expert Recommends the Best Way to Enjoy Cold Cava

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Freixnet extra dry

Want to enjoy Your bubbly better during this season of celebration? Jane Scott of Freixenet, purveyors of fine Cava, gave us some tips: Try chilling your sparkling beverage for two to four hours to bring it down to an enjoyable 45-50 °F before serving, but if you’re in a hurry, submerge the bottle to its neck in a mix of ice and water. Finer bubbly can keep its effervescence for three to four days after opening if stored properly with a stopper in the fridge, although nothing compares to a freshly opened bottle. Scott also clued us in on how to best pair bubbly with food (beware of vinegary salad dressings), suggested some sweet liqueurs that pair nicely (we’re here for the Kir), and even weighed in on the proper ratio of juice-to-bubbly for mimosas and bellinis.

You can learn more about Freixenet’s philosophy on their website.

Last modified: January 31, 2018