FROM ROB: A World Worth Sharing

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Metrosource publisher Rob Davis introduces our new issue — the Travel Issue — with an exciting new project.


Travel is something I’ve always been passionate about. I was raised in Colorado but have spent most of my adult life living and working on the East and West coasts — and learning to appreciate the unique offerings of each. I’ve also been lucky enough to spend time living and learning in France and Spain. More recently, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to travel with my partner Willie to his home island of Puerto Rico and to see it through his eyes. But whether I’m heading somewhere for a brief escape or a longer-lasting adventure, each new destination has brought with it exciting new people and ways of looking at the world.

Nobody gets around the globe quite like my good friend, the talented photographer and philanthropist Edwin Santiago; he always returns home with photographic treasures — ranging from the exotic sights of Far East islands to memorable encounters with British rugby stars. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Edwin to create a way of bringing readers even more of the world through our new web exclusive called Geoscope. When you visit and click on Geoscope at the top of the page, you’ll find us (with help from Edwin’s lens) opening windows on exciting new views of the world several times every week. If you’re as passionate about travel as we are, get ready to make some additions to your must-see list.

Geoscope is an added bonus that will supplement our already-robust travel coverage, which will continue to escort our readers around the globe as only Metrosource can. We know that anyone can google up basic tourist resources, so we will continue to offer much more — honoring our long-held philosophy of bringing a unique perspective to exploring the world’s most eye-popping places and thus ensuring our readers will have the most memorable and unequaled experiences.

Travel is a great privelege. Each time we visit somewhere new, that place and its people leave their mark on us, and in return, we leave our impressions on them. This is more important to remember than ever as the world becomes more accessible to openly gay travelers: that everywhere we go, we act as ambassadors for our culture and our community. I hope that this privelege will continue to excite you and inspire you to see more of the world — and, in return, let the world see more of us. With that, all of us at Metrosource wish you bon voyage!

Last modified: October 13, 2017