Petrosource: Gadgets to Make Owning A Pet Easier Than Ever

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Dog Portraits

Every year, we publish Petrosource to peer into the world of pet lovers, and this year we’re wondering: What kind of pet person are you? Whether you live for social media, pride yourself on displaying discerning taste, like to stick to the practical or love to have the latest tech, we’ve got just what you need:

For Practical Pet People

Having pets isn’t always glamorous. Fashion certainly suffers: pet hair seems genetically designed to stick to your clothes, and even washing machines can’t beat the fuzz. Enter The Furzapper ($23.99 for two,, a set of cute, floppy paw prints to toss in your washer and dryer with your fur-besmirched laundry. Thanks to its tacky surface, the Furzapper captures fur, dander, lint and debris so your washables emerge clean. Two Furzappers are enough to handle households with two medium-size pets, and — since the devices are self-washable and reusable — you can take them out of the dryer, then toss them into your washer for the next load.

Pet parents need an arsenal of powerful cleaners to keep their homes fresh. Environmentally and socially conscious pet products from Skout’s Honor ( are safe for pets, humans and the environment. Plus each purchase sends three meals to an animal in need through Rescue Bank. Their Dog Essentials Kit ($39.97) is great for a new pet parent, with a stain and odor remover, urine destroyer, toy and bowl cleaner and a mini odor eliminator to stock the cupboard. To keep pets looking great, try the Probiotic Skin Grooming Essentials Kit ($51.97), which includes shampoo, conditioner and deodorizer with probiotics to enhance your pet’s natural defenses against the bad skin flora that may cause shedding, itching, dryness and odor.

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When your sick pups won’t take their medicine, turn that next dose into a treat, courtesy of PillStashios ($12.99,, an easy way to hide pills inside an edible, flavored casing that disguises medicinal tastes and smells so even the most discerning of pups won’t suspect a thing. PillStashios fit most medicines and supplements, which are placed inside the casing and snap closed before feeding to your pets, who will enjoy only the taste of apple bacon, blueberry chicken or cranberry turkey.

For Social Media Stars

If you want to keep your pet’s social media game at the Kardashian level, it is all about taking the best selfies. So to make sure your pup will smile at the camera every time, grab the Pooch Selfie smartphone accessory ($12.99, Slip the clip on top of your phone, insert the colorful, squeaky ball, then watch your phone (and its camera) instantly become the center of doggie attention. It’s great for taking photos with or of your pet, and don’t forget to send some snaps of your furry friend sporting the company’s “Selfie Queen” doggie hoodie ($25.99) for max slayage.

Love sharing a brunch snap with your tipple of choice? Now your pet can too. Apollo Peak’s line of pet beverages encompasses an array of puntastic potions made from organic, nontoxic ingredients so you can both sip an after-selfie cocktail. Pick up a Cat Wine Pawty Pack ($19.95,, which includes Pinot Meow, MosCATo, White Kittendel and Catbernet — all featuring organic liquid catnip to bring out the playful side of your feline friend; or a Dog Wine Pawty Pack ($24.95), including ZinfanTail, CharDOGnay and Malbark, each containing herbs designed to perk up your pup’s health — and breath! #WinningWinesDay

Nom Nom Now Dog Food

Spend less more time posting and less time cooking with NomNomNow, a fresh-meal delivery service for dogs and cats (prices vary by pet; Create a profile for your dog or cat and choose from a selection of natural, recognizable, human-grade food recipes, each delivered fresh and ready to serve, perfectly portioned specifically for your pet. Choose deliveries weekly, biweekly or monthly; pause, update and edit your choices at any time. Convenience is key for the busy life of an online pet star, but the benefits of the NomNomNow diet also include a healthy weight, shinier and softer coat and more energy. Heart that!

For Connoisseurs

You have good taste and everyone knows it — because you have it displayed in your tastefully decorated home. Where do pets fit into a carefully curated collection? Start with a Kish Original Pet Portrait ($2,000 and up; After a consultation with Florida-based artist Gretchen Kish Serrano, she’ll create a masterpiece in one of three styles: Brush, inspired by the thick strokes and bold palette of Vincent van Gogh; Gild, an allusion to Gustav Klimt’s famous works; and Drip, which borrows from the wild splatters and drips that made Jackson Pollock a household name. The artist even includes a personal message from master to pet painted on the back of the canvas for a one-of-a-kind display of devotion.

For the collector who has everything, why not try your hand at creating art in a mindful, relaxing (and mess-free) way? Paint by Sticker: Cats ($14.95, Workman) has 12 portraits of adorable cats that can be “painted” by placing numbered stickers in the correct location. Perfect for holiday family fun with little ones and pets running about, because there’s no paint to spill or accidental oopsies to be made. Each page is also perforated for easy display once complete.

To keep your sharp little kitty from displaying her claws on your carefully-chosen settee, try the Jackson Galaxy Constellation Convertible Scratcher ($59.99,, which looks more like an otherworld-inspired modern sculpture than a traditional cat scratcher. Corrugation on all sides means this scratcher will last, and its two-piece interlocking system allows multiple arrangements to suit your mood — or your feline’s. It also comes with a sachet of organic catnip to encourage curiosity and scratching in the proper places (read: not your mid-century antiques.)

RoboBone treats toy

For Techies

You’re first in line for the newest update to your phone and computer; why not do the same for the latest in futuristic pet gear? Upgrade your pooch from rawhide to the JW RoboBone Electronic Treat Dispenser ($29.99, it’s a motorized, interactive, treat-distributing toy for dogs. The RoboBone zips around the room, encouraging your pup to chase by dropping treats along the way. Or get your cat in the game with Petlinks’ Rowdy Rustler ($24.99,, an electronic-motion cat toy that mimics prey hiding in the bushes. Faced with a spinning ball and trailing ribbons peeking out from beneath a fabric tent, your cat won’t be able to resist the urge to investigate and playfully pounce.

Have a virtual visit with your pets no matter where you roam with the PetChatz HD Digital Daycare System ($379.99,

This is more than a camera: PetChatz is an interactive experience with two-way audio and video, creative sensory additions like calming scents, and a treat dispensing option to let you play with and reward your pet even while you’re away. Accessories include the PawCall ($99.99), a foot pedal for pets that allows your pet to initiate a call with you, or play along with games in game mode.

Turn walks into data with the DOTT Smart Dog Tag ($39.99, The device tracks distance and duration of walks so you can keep up Fido’s exercise regimen. Mark hazards on your route with the DOTTwalk app, and keep track of your pet’s food intake, potty breaks and more. You can even invite caretakers to add info about your dog when you can’t be there yourself. But the DOTT’s best feature may be its virtual leash: set a distance from your phone, and if your pet exits the safe zone, you can report your dog lost with the click of a button. Other DOTT users in the area are immediately notified, increasing the chance of a quick reunion.

Last modified: January 14, 2019