Gay Frappé

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Bryan Petroff and Douglas Quint, the guys behind the much-buzzed-about Big Gay Ice Cream shops and trucks have released a cookbook celebrating their boozy, Bea Arthur–y concoctions.

They’ve shared their Tang-Creamsicle Shake with us, perfectly timed for a season where the biggest problem should be your creamsicle melts down your hand faster than you can eat it.


¾ cup whole milk

1 tbsp. Tang orange drink powder

4 scoops vanilla ice cream


Quickly pulse whole milk and Tang in a blender. Add 4 large scoops of vanilla ice cream and blend until you see a whirlpool foam. The boys suggest not using vanilla bean ice cream, caution against making the Tang-milk mix in advance, and recommend garnishing with a Star Wars figurine to celebrate the Tang’s spacey origins. Makes two 8-oz. shakes. Visit

The Big Gay Ice Cream book is out now, from Clarkson Potter ($25).

Last modified: June 22, 2017