Gay the Days Away with the 2022 Cambridge Blues Naked Calendar

Written by | The Lens

Ah, college! It is a majestic time when you cavort with likeminded and like-bodied individuals, stripping away societal preconceptions along with those pesky clothes.

Also… education?

Cambridge University is an esteemed institution of higher learning and advanced nudity. Their athletes have established a cheeky tradition of baring it all for good causes, creating a revealing calendar series that benefits various worthwhile charities.

Though it will be a herculean feat to “top” last year’s collection of greased, chummy hunks, Cambridge is giving it the ol’ college try.

Andrew Wilkinson recently chatted with the Daily Mail about the trepidations of being brazenly sexy in the great wide open.

“We were a little anxious about being outside because we didn’t want to cause any offence.”

But he didn’t get any complaints from the fortunate bystanders who ambled past… over and over again.

“We had a few runners and dog walkers come by – some didn’t know where to look.”

Um, we know exactly where we would have looked, but we majored in dirty thoughts. Wilkinson strategically placed balls, sticks and other assorted euphemisms to shield the lusty viewer’s eyes from truly NSFW territory.

“We used their sports equipment to maintain some kind of modesty,” explains the photographer.

But why be modest when you’re “sporting” such fine assets?

The Cambridge cuties are not only fine physical specimens, they are also paradigms of giving back. The 2022 calendar benefits four philanthropic organizations. Jimmy’s Cambridge helps the homeless community survive and thrive; Teenage Cancer Trust is the UK’s leading charity for youth in the throes of recovering from the treacherous disease; Student Minds strives to aid individuals struggling with mental health issues; and Rainforest Trust works to preserve protected lands full of a diverse array of species.

All of the aforementioned charities are thrilled to partner with the Cambridge Blues Calendar, a playground of same-sex exhibitionism that will keep your fingers furiously “turning the page” throughout the year to come.

We have no idea how many of the students in the 2022 portfolio will graduate to full-on homosexuality, but we encourage their friskiness eternally. Happy New Year, indeed!

Last modified: November 24, 2021