Gay Voices: This Florida Poet Posts his Message to Us All in “Miranda”

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Poet Cameron Jimenez

Hello, how are you? My name’s Cameron Jimenez — aka Deep Poetry — a Miami, Florida native and now Washington DC local poet working on my third book of poetry, which will feature the poem I have posted below.

I wrote my new book in the hope that people will understand the amount of bravery it takes to literally “Be Yourself.” Who would’ve thought, right? The question now is, who would’ve thought that being yourself would bring so much hate, turmoil, disconnect and even death?

To live in the land of the free, where “being free” is still being questioned, we can only wonder if this is a choice we’re making. And if it is, is it the right choice? And if it’s not, will others view it based solely on how we feel? This piece is entitled “Miranda.” It’s inspired by the last incident I heard regarding a young man who took his life after being bullied for dating a trans woman. This poem will be a dedicated poem in my new book, “Layers.” Please share. Thank you

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You have the right to remain silent. 
Anything you say can never be used against you
in the court of law
even if you kill someone 
with your tongue. 
 with your fist. 
With post on social media. 
You have the right to talk to a lawyer
or other friends that are also homophobic-ally void
And socially and sub-culturally bubbled advice
before they ask you any questions. 
You have the right to have a lawyer 
or a homey with you during the questioning
Of the questions the whens, the whats, the whys
 to these unanswered questions but The Who’s we know. 
If you cannot afford a lawyer 
or don’t have a friend to vouch for you, 
One will be appointed to you
A choice you never gave many 
you have the right to stop answering at any time 
or you could just tell us…. 
How many homicides have you committed 
This year
This month
This week
How many choices have you stolen from innocent people
How many times have you questioned their heart 
before questioning their existence or sexuality 
And yet
You stand here in front of these people playing the role of a God 
your were always unfit to audition for 
And you got it
And society post sad comments to beautiful bodies 
being hollowed out by evil from the same culture 
the same group 
the same people 
the same 
You pretend to feel bad 
when your feelings are clear while the rain falls
Until the sun comes out and with the rain
these bodies evaporate
Into their soon familiar ground with it 
So does those memories of these people 
who took their own lives to escape.
To find a freedom they were promised
To find the happily ever after they’ve read about
What is it about us that confuses and angers you 
Some little boy was born today
He will grow to be amazing
But never matter
A particular group will embrace his uniqueness and bravery
And the other will pluck at him like a farmer to a hen 
before dropping it in the hot kettle to die
He will be too much for the masses.
They will clown him and make him feel
 as if who he is
Is the no one that no one will remember 
rather or not he was here or not 
The knots will become one with his face
Bruises will comfort him while he is awake 
and even as he sleeps 
his heart will skip beats because it’s already running 
from the hurt he will experience tomorrow
He will be confused 
He will be happy and angry at the same time
He will be ugly and beautiful in one lifetime
He will have many friends but most will only come out 
to view his dead body
He will die because he always felt 
he was living someone else’s life
She will forgive all the 
People who called her a bad name
And she will unwillingly throw in the towel
And forfeit this game 
Not by choice but because of a fear 
You forced into her hand
And you will record her last days
On your Live or Insta-Story
Never caring about his story
Or the pages you never gave her a chance to write
Because life would be better without any gays
She will be so today
And tomorrow forgotten
Because these type situations go unnoticed 
Because the majority genuinely don’t care 
because this isn’t the same as cops killing us
Or black on black crime
Because gay people dying for being them
Is dismissed all the time
But in this moment,
You don’t have a right so remain silent!
Anything you say can 
and will be used against you in the court of law
You can’t talk to a lawyer for advice 
And F%#K all your questions.
Because he, she they 
We have a right….

Dedicated to all the fallen in the LGBTQIA+ Family that lives were taken through violence, or were cut short to bullying… #RIP

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Last modified: October 1, 2019