Get Drawn In – BeefcakeBoss Doodles the Daddies

Written by | The Lens

Have you ever wanted to create your ideal mate from the naughty recesses of your overactive imagination? Tufts of hair in exactly the right places, alluring angles that direct your eye to their pulsing sensuality, and bulging everything – you have conjured your fantasy partner thousands of times in your dirty, dirty mind.

But @BeefcakeBoss brings his – and possibly your – fantasies to fierce, flirty life on Instagram.

The inspired illustrator updates animated classics and bends their gender along with their inhibitions. Say goodbye to Rainbow Brite and hello to Rainbow Brute, a sassy bearded snack who exudes 80s flair, yet now sports masculine hair.

To entice his fellow burly manthusiasts, BeefcakeBoss has elevated Fozzie Bear from Muppets tameness to positively shameless.

BeefcakeBoss also excavates the duality of comic book faves like Batman. The subtext of the Caped Crusader has always been a delicious gay allegory. His secret identity is refined and reclusive, he cruises the streets of Gotham by night, and his sidekick is a same-sex sub wearing day-glo tights. Truly, Batman could not be gayer… until now.

Heroism takes flight in Beefcake’s work, but the real thrill of his style is watching him be bad. You simply must explore his twisted interpretation of Disney villains through the lens of daddy worship. Exhibit Gay: Cruella de Vil as a muscle-bound leather lothario sporting a tattoo that reads “Puppy Love”.

Gender is merely a rough draft in BeefcakeBoss’ book. Ursula from The Little Mermaid gets a manly makeover, complete with furry pecs and a waterproof harness. The suggestive imagery intrigues us, prompting the question, “What’s he hiding Under the Sea?”

Not all of BeefcakeBoss’ work is hyper-sexualized. He also celebrates love, acceptance, and female empowerment with a dizzying blend of optimism and playfulness.

His online sketchbook embraces us, validating our curiosity and igniting our creativity. And did we mention he is ga-ga-ga-gorgeous IRL?

Your gay gasps are knocking us over through the internet. Take a moment to exhale, grab your grease pencil, and support local artists like @BeefcakeBoss.


Last modified: August 15, 2020