It’s Blood on the Tracks for The Girl on the Train

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When relationships dissolve, there is often friction between perspectives: Which partner crossed the line?

Add a murder and a woman struggling with drinking-related blackouts, and you’ve got a recipe for a mystery in which the main character tries to unravel a “whodunnit?” where the answer increasingly seems to be herself. Emily Blunt plays Rachel, the titular girl on the train, from which she obsessively spies on the happy life of her ex-husband, his new wife and child, and their nanny. When said nanny turns up missing the same day that Rachel wakes up from a blackout covered in blood, Rachel engages in a dangerous game — infiltrating the life she was forced to leave behind in the hopes of figuring out what really happened. Sexy suspects abound: Was the murderer Luke Evans as the nanny’s brutish husband? Justin Theroux as Rachel’s long-suffering ex? Edgar Ramírez as a too-involved therapist? Or was it the girl on the train? THE WORD: The fim’s big twist makes surprising sense and acts as an emphatic warning about the dangers of losing time to the bottle. COMING TO: Home Video

Last modified: July 28, 2017