Giving Is Sexy – Just Ask Gay for Good

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The pulse of an electronic symphony throbs from a nearby DJ kiosk. A drag queen barks BINGO numbers and rewards participants with prizes and attitude galore. Queer elation swirls all around you. No, you’re not attending a rave – you are doing charity work… or werk, to be more accurate.

Gay for Good (G4G if you’re nasty) has pioneered wonderfully immersive events that make social consciousness fun. This group truly knows how to engage with a capital-GAY. Boasting 16 chapters across the United States, G4G has coordinated their efforts with local leaders in Dallas, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Palm Springs, just to name a few locales.

The mindset of the G4G leadership is immensely empathetic. Their events transcend traditional LGBTQ causes and ripple into the human community beyond. Gay for Good initiates food drives, tree planting parties, and nursing home outreach projects. The recipients of G4G’s love are not just queer people; they are simply people.

By ingratiating themselves into the greater philanthropic community, Gay for Good is winning the war of hearts and minds. Some quadrants of the population are programmed to hate us, but G4G is countering their ignorance with action. It’s difficult to discriminate against a group of queer people when they rejuvenate your beach or feed your neighbor or care for your grandmother. Haters, you’ve been served!

Due to the pandemic, many of the more festive Gay for Good gatherings have migrated online. You can still play BINGO with Shi-Queeta Lee, but the general atmosphere will only be as fabulous as your Zoom background. That’s on you, boo.

But G4G is still finding socially distanced ways to make the world a healthier, happier – yes, GAYER place. The Rocky Mountain chapter is blazing new trials, an apt metaphor for their overall mission. The Palm Springs team is “adopting” local retirees to ensure that they get the care and resources they need in these uncertain times. And the Los Angeles G4G squad is partnering with the Islamic Center of Southern California to feed the community.

Hunger knows no orientation. Compassion knows no religion. Gay for Good knows no limits. Thank you from the bottom of our homo hearts.

Photo: Facebook @gayforgood

Last modified: October 21, 2020