Go-Go Watch These Male Strippers Right. Damn. Now.

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Get ready to wear your rubbers because we’re makin’ it rain! It’s raining men, that is. Go-go dancers have been the unsung (yet pleasantly hung) victims of our current pandemic crisis. Queer clubs are closed en masse, which puts a crimp in their randy revenue. So how can you partake in these strippers’ particular brand of bootylicious artistry?

Cozy up to Cazwell.

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SPF game crazy ☀️💦🌈🙏🏼🧃

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The Massachusetts born rapper is a homo hoot, putting his sexuality right up in yo’ face with hits like Unzip Me, Ice Cream Truck, and Loose Wrists. In his latest video, Cazwell is proving that he’s got your back… literally.

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Cazwell dedicates GoGo Boys Dance Around the World to essential twerkers who have dominated our fantasies at gay bars globally. In fact, Mother Earth sets the stage in this ambitious video, shot on location in New York, Tel Aviv, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona, and Milan.

The dancers depicted in the man-on-man action writhe their pelvic prowess amidst landmarks such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Buckingham Palace. Even the Eiffel Tower stands at attention for two fine French danseurs making the most of their majestic backdrop.

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It’s truly a stroke (pause for effect) of genius to transform empty urban streets into lusty playgrounds where exotic hunks can get the attention they so muskily deserve. Get out of the way, monuments and museums – here are some true works of art, jiggling their junk to the bouncy tune of Cazwell’s infectious beats.

On the surface, GoGo Boys Dance Around the World is a tongue-in-cheek(s) opportunity to paint the town rainbow red. But the video delivers empowerment on several levels. LGBTQ lust is elevated to the level of Renaissance realness. Covid-19 has shut down massive institutions, but it can never quench our cravings for human contact, emphasis on the “man” part.

Cazwell’s latest offering lives on Grindr’s YouTube channel, so you will be watching shoulder-to-virtual-shoulder alongside 320,000+ subscribers. The digital experience can never truly replace the sensation of running your fingers down the muscular, oiled body of a go-go performer IRL, but it will ignite your dirty mind in the interim. Plus, watching a video costs way less than a two-drink minimum and a $10 bill down the g-string. Cheers, until we meat again.

Last modified: September 6, 2020