Gold Coast Redux: Tans, Surf and Sun, All on Video

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Yes, I know we talked about Australia’s Gold Coast earlier this week. But I just can’t get it off my mind. At the risk of spoiling something that few U.S. residents know much about, I have to share just a little bit more.

Gold Coast Redux

You’ll recall me talking about how friends had told me that the Gold Coast was run down and not worth my time as a serious traveler and photographer. Much to my astonishment, they were completely off-base; I’m not sure if it’s that they hadn’t been for a while or simply went to different parts of what is, after all, a pretty big piece of Australian real estate. Either way, when I got there, I could scarcely blink for fear of missing something beautiful – either the man-made hotels and beautiful restaurants, or the amazing natural scenery, which includes both the surf and its surroundings and the very handsome men (and pretty ladies) I saw strolling in every direction. Here’s the video I shot to prove my point. Enjoy.

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Last modified: July 27, 2017