Say Farewell to HBO’s Girls

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When HBO’s Girls debuted with its main character Hannah — created and played by Lena Dunham — promising that she could be “the voice of a generation,” we could not have guessed how prescient that statement would be.

Photo courtesy HBO

Photo courtesy HBO

Entering its sixth and final season on February 12, Girls has become a cultural touchstone, alternately reveling in and critiquing the excesses of millenial hipsterdom. Often controversial, Dunham and company became a major part of the conversation about how young people, artists and sexual expression are portrayed in popular media. (Read our farewell interview with the show’s resident gay bestie Andrew Rannells here) And though we can expect more from each of these talented young artists, once the Girls are gone, Sunday nights will never be the quite the same.

Last modified: March 9, 2018