Goodnight, One Day at a Time: Netflix Cancels the LGBTQ Family Comedy

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Lydia and Dr. Leslie

Netflix has cancelled One Day at a Time after three glorious seasons. Despite rumors that it may have a second life at another network, we take a moment to appreciate a television family that celebrated so many kinds of diversity.

Goodnight, Dr. Leslie

You were the saddest of sad sacks. Neither your employees nor your family gave you the respect you deserved. But Lydia sparked a fire in you that proved happiness is possible – no matter how used to sadness you are.

Goodnight, Schneider

You were so much hotter than the original Schneider. So. Much. Hotter. But more importantly, you shared so many struggles we understood: recovering from addiction, getting over scars left by having a distant family. You taught us that having a whole building can’t buy you happiness but protecting one apartment full of people you care about just might.

Goodnight, Alex

You were inordinately invested in your appearance. You basked in the glow of being your grandmother’s golden boy. And you made one of the hardest parts of growing up look so easy.

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Goodnight, Elena

You did not make anything easy. However, you slowly struggled your way out of the closet, even if others might judge you for being yourself. But you learned to trust that there are people who will love and support you – even when you’re passionately campaigning against the most esoteric of society’s injustices.

Goodnight, Penelope

At times, it seemed like you were not going to keep it together. Your husband failed you. Your time at war hurt you. You didn’t know whether you could give your kids all the guidance and support they needed. You admired your mother and yet had trouble seeing how she admired you in return. You didn’t always know how to act around your support group or the men in your life. You felt utterly imperfect, which made us love you all the more.

Goodnight, Lydia

You were perfection. You opened a curtain, and we’d applaud. You danced, and you filled us with rhythm. You almost died, and it nearly broke our hearts. If any of us reach old age with one tenth of your spirit, we will be very lucky indeed. Oh, Lydia: I think we’ll miss you most of all.

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Last modified: March 14, 2019