Gregory Dillon’s Debut is a One-Man Band Summer Treat Called “Alone with You”

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Gregory Dillon

Gregory Dillion is going to surprise a lot of people. His music has the richness of someone twice his age and sounds as if he’s been making records since the new wave era.

But there are flourishes of more current acts like Snow Patrol as well, all of which contribute to the richness and three-dimensionality of his work as a gay artist. He’s just released a video for his first single — a melodic and meditative jam that’s as densely layered as anything you’d hear from a full band. Check it out:

“The video was directed by my younger sister Genevieve Scherer,” the musician says, “and it definitely has some retro elements that harken all the way back to the ’60s. It’s a little theatrical; a little silly, and I think it’s kind of fun to have a little laugh at your own expense every once in a while.”

Dillon’s tune, which he describes as “casual, dancey, electro-dream pop” not only makes great ear candy; it’s surprisingly self-assured for a debut. “The idea was to create something with a lot of energy,” he says, “that could explore something deep and spiritual at the same time.”

It’s hard to miss the mellow yellow color motif that runs through the video, and Dillon says that’s part of his concept for the album that will ultimately accompany this first track.

“We want to take people on a journey that is developing and changing as time passes through the year,” says the artist. “And I think my management company in London and I have found a fairly unique way of doing that. We’re going to release one song off the album every eight weeks, and every single will have an assigned color and keepsake that represents each stage of this imaginary space journey. ‘Alone With You’ got the color yellow and is represented by a butterfly, and the overarching visual theme that accompanies the video is nature vs. modernism.”

Nothing is left to chance in his choices, right down to the shiny disco jacket he sports. “Oh, that,” he laughs. “Well, I’m a huge fan of retro and modern design, and the space race was my biggest obsession growing up. So the album loosely revolves around a lonely journey to space and the nostalgia that comes with the yearning for nature and home.”

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Last modified: August 1, 2018