Like a Record, Baby? Spin Right ‘Round to Halycon in Williamsburg

Written by | Entertainment, Music

74 Wythe Ave. (Entrance on 12th St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Online streaming may have transformed the way that average listeners discover new sounds, but diehard music lovers will always vote vinyl. While some believe that the city’s dwindling supply of record stores are an inevitable sign of the times, there a few spots that prove the tables will keep on turning. One of those purveyors is Halcyon, an intimate shop and performance venue, which has served as Brooklyn’s hub for music since 1999.

After finding a new home at Williamsburg’s world-renowned Output nightclub in late 2015, the specialty store has maintained its stellar reputation as the borough’s destination for new releases, collectors items and an extensive array of record-related services, from vinyl flattening (a method that helps restore a warped record) to turntable repair. In addition to an eclectic mix of electronic music, Halcyon also sells a large selection of genres including world, soul, rock and hip-hop — not to mention high end deejay accessories. But their impressive second-hand collection remains a popular attraction for artists, many of whom pursue private shopping experiences catered specifically to their vinyl needs.

“Halcyon proudly employs deejays, producers and vinyl enthusiasts to ensure we are constantly pushing the envelope of electronic music,” explains Andrew Grant, Vice President of Operations. “We also host highly curated in-store events featuring local and international talent who are streamed live to our Facebook page via LiveStream.”

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for the music lover in your life, Halcyon’s dedicated team of experts is there to keep your head from spinning (leave that to the records). “Selecting the right vinyl for a friend or family member is an incredibly thoughtful and personal experience,” Grant says. “It’s a gift that stands the test of time and becomes a part of your home, and a part of you, with each play.”

Whether you are a performer in pursuit of that elusive 45 for your next live set or a traditionalist looking for a selection that’s up to your standards, a visit to Halcyon will put you on the right track.

Last modified: March 6, 2018