Hampton's Variety Means Choice for A Nation Under A Salt

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Salt: you might take it for granted, but not all salt is created equal.

Photo Courtesy of Hamptons Salt

Photo Courtesy of Hamptons Salt

That’s especially true at the Hamptons Salt company, where they craft many unusual varieties. If you’re seeking a host gift for someone entertaining you during the upcoming holidays, consider one of their salt collections, designed to suit a variety of tastes. Amateur mixologists might like “The Bartender” with Jalapeno, Lime and Lemon salts sure to make for flavorful rims. “The Flavor Seeker“ will help home cooks add flair with salt varieties such as Black Truffle, Garlic, Ghost Pepper, Smoked Hickory, and Rosemary. And travelers may be curious to taste the difference between Himalayan Pink, Bali Pyramid, Cyprus Flake and Himalayan Black salts in “The Globe Trotter.” Explore a world of flavors at hamptonssalt.com.

Last modified: June 22, 2017