Hate, Interrupted: Grindr Assailant Goes to Prison

Written by | The Lens

Cowards crave anonymity. They post bogus stats, they troll unsuspecting online voyagers, and they hide behind fake profile pics. These charlatans have zero redeeming qualities, yet they lurk in every decrepit corner of cyberspace.

And their biggest fear: authenticity.

Over 13 million users cavort on Grindr monthly. We flirt, we swap stories, and we might even trade “artistic” photos of our nether regions. You’re welcome.

But one bad apple was threatening to spoil the entire hookup app experience for Dallas area men who were just looking for a gay ol’ time. Daniel Jenkins created a false persona with which to lure queer individuals to a designated rendezvous point.

Once the gay targets had arrived, Jenkins and his fellow scumbags would ambush their victims, beating and berating them mercilessly. The Grindr coconspirators robbed several members of the LGBTQ+ community after hurling epithets at them.

In a shining example of how homophobia indicates the latent desires of the perpetrator, Jenkins and his cohorts even tried to sexually violate one of their marks.

But don’t worry, a-hole, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore your queer fantasies in prison.

That’s right: Jenkins was just convicted to 280 months in federal incarceration due to his heinous crimes. In an official statement, Assistant AG Kristen Clarke assessed the verdict as follows:

“This sentence affirms that bias-motivated crimes run contrary to our national values and underscores the Justice Department’s commitment to aggressively prosecuting bias-motivated crimes, including crimes against the LGBTQI community. We will continue to pursue justice for victims of bias-motivated crimes, wherever they occur.”

So, how can gay men feel confident dipping their toes back into the alluring waters of online fornication? Special Agent Matthew J. DeSarno offered a reassuring declaration.

“Investigating hate crimes is one of the FBI’s highest priorities and we will continue to vigorously pursue offenders that threaten our families and communities. Everyone deserves to be and feel safe and we take this opportunity to urge the public to report suspected hate crimes to the FBI and local law enforcement.”

You heard him, fellas. Report, react, and reclaim your dignity. After all, love-is-love will always be stronger than hate crimes.






Last modified: October 19, 2021