Hate Preacher Claims This is What Happens to Gay Men Who Have Sex

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Who could forget their first sexual encounter?

You spot a potential paramour across the crowded gay bar. Your eyes lock, your pulse races, and your attention swells.

As your bodies entwine on the dance floor, your motivations merge. After sharing a Zima (ok, we’re dating ourselves), you stroll into the night air and discuss your next move. Will it be his place or yours? Are you sober enough to drive or do you share a car? What is your status, what position do you prefer, and what’s the holdup?

Let’s go home, already!

Then, that exhilarating moment finally happens…

“Their intestines will sometimes just fall out because of the actions that they do.”

Wait, wut?

These are the romantic ruminations of Jonathan Shelley, a hate preacher who compares same sex fornication to eating Indian food and ranch dressing, then vomiting up the bounty and eating it all over again.

Remind us to go dutch on our next date with Pastor PukeyPants.

“What men do with men is defiling their body, hurting their body, they’re hurting each other.”

Your pickup lines need some major rewrites, Jonny Boy.

The unholy holy-man continued by arguing, “There’s a reason why a lot of people are homosexual and it’s because they were molested as a child. In their mind, they think, ‘OK, well this is what caused me – I want other people to be like me.’ So then, what do they do in an effort to reproduce is they recruit through child molestation and they prey on children.”

Hi, FBI? Jonathan Shelley seems to know A LOT about grooming kids for sex. Maybe you should drop in on his next sermon and have a friendly chat about his predilections and perversions.

This homophobic halfwit thinks gay sex results in disemboweling, which either means he’s getting some very robust D, or he has zero effing clue what he’s saying. It’s akin to a legislative body composed mostly of straight, white men dictating what women, POC and LGBTQ+ individuals should do with their bodies and their lives.

Oh, yeah – America.

Carry on.

Photo: Jonathan Shelley, a pastor for a church considered a hate group by activists. (Screen capture via YouTube)


Last modified: November 15, 2022