Have a Ballroom Ball with ‘Legendary’ Jarrell Gucci

Written by | The Lens

He serves moves, he serves looks, and he serves body-ody-ody with a side of oh-my-goddy! Jarrell “Gorgeous Gucci” Hargraves ignites the floor on HBO’s ballroom showdown series Legendary.

“You’re taking what people hate about you and putting it in their faces. It’s empowering,” declares Jarrell. The show mashes death drops and drag into a delirious spectacle, and Jarrell turns the extravaganza into a SEXtravaganza. His delectable skin and bulging everything lure viewers in, and now he is leading them by a lusty leash to his next duo of endeavors.

Over the holidays, Jarrell pollinated our fantasies with a calendar shoot that blooms eternal. He stripped away his Legendary lamé and revealed the throbbing… heart beneath the garb.

“In my own skin,” Jarrell writes on Instagram, “you would be surprised to know that I’m not as comfortable as I seem. This calendar is a combination of Art, Fashion, with some sexy. My life has been both a painful and amazing journey and I want you all to feel close to me.”

Mmm, you don’t need to tell us twice. We’re honored to have a seat at your table and we’re pulling our stools up now…

…Yes, we know what we said.

Moving on, Jarrell also recently signed an exclusive deal to showcase his sculpted, captivating contours on even more platforms. And by platforms, we ain’t talking shoes. Jarrell Gucci is about to dominate the world of design, dance music, and dayyum!

“I am humbled & honored to announce that I have been officially signed by @nextmodels as they have placed me on their Men’s and Talent Boards. I am elated and overcome gratitude and optimism that I will not only meet, but exceed their expectations! I’ve been working extremely hard on various projects to kick start this year and hit the ground running!!”

And we are hot on your heels, honey. Congrats and a half – we’ll see you on the runway as your career takes off!


Last modified: February 4, 2021