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Looking to create the best you possible? The innovative procedures developed by Dr. Douglas Steinbrech may be the answer to many of your concerns.

What is your specific focus when it comes to plastic surgery?

Dr. Douglas Steinbrech: I began focusing where I do because I had so many men who are my friends and who are complaining that they didn’t like the results that they were getting from surgeons, and no one understood what they wanted, so it turned out and I was seeing more and more men in my practice and my patient office manager suggested that I created a website to educate them. So I did and it was called male plastic surgery New York.com.

The website exploded the website blew up and was so successful that we cut and pasted it to Beverly Hills for that practice. I am particularly focused because I’ve always appreciated the status of the male. When I was a kid, I used to spend a lot of time drawing superheroes and man and sketching out men who were strong and had just distinct strong proud facial features and strong broad bodies that were very muscular and fit. I’ve always been interested in drawing and the art and and shaping things with clay.

When I got into medical school in surgery that interest continued, and with my growing practice I had more and more men asking for and wanting more different things done that were never ever taught in my plastic surgery training, so my practice became a very high-volume practice of men and I had to develop new techniques to take care of the unique questions that they were asking for and having a high volume allowed me to very quickly perfect these techniques and really bring them to a higher level for face and body contouring. And that has really been an exciting area and exciting development for our field.

What are some of the advantages of going to a male-focused plastic surgeon?

Dr. Steinbrech: The advantage is that you’re going to a surgeon who has a high volume of male procedures, so he is doing a large number of body contouring procedures every week — including chest contouring, ab contouring, leg contouring and doing things that were rarely done in other plastic surgeons offices who deal with male and with females. The other thing is a male-focused plastic surgeon has a male-focused office staff who understand men and how they think.

The other advantage of going to a male-focused plastic surgeon is that a practice will get very good at delivering high-quality results because they are at the top of the learning curve. You don’t have to worry about them practicing because they only operate on one male a month.

How do your services stand apart from the others in your field?

Dr. Steinbrech: In my office I have developed a unique form of contouring called Bodybanking, which is completely different and a paradigm shift in the modern world of body contouring in the plastic surgeon surgery field. It is not your grandmother’s or your grandfather’s liposuction.

I don’t even like to use the word liposuction because body banking is so different. Bodybanking allows us to remove the fat from the bad areas in men such as the love handles, the lower belly, the saddlebags and the back, then put them into good places like the upper chest and shoulders the biceps, the triceps, abs and calves — even the glutes.

We are using body banking when the patient has excess calories after surgery; instead of those calories going to belly fat which they would with traditional liposuction — with body banking, the calories from those additional food stuffs now go into the areas where the implanted fat has been transplanted so the patient’s shoulders will get bigger, his chest, his biceps triceps, forearms, calves, abs, glutes — anywhere where we have put the new fat will get bigger.

The other thing in my practice which is a huge difference from 99% of other practices is for patients who don’t have any fat and hit a wall in terms of development of a muscle group. Basically I have any sort of implant that can give a little boost to any muscle group, so I have implants that can go underneath the delts, the biceps, the triceps and the abs. So we can have bodybuilders or gym rats who want to look perfect but have one area that just does not respond as well, and this is an area where I can strategically help them.

I also can selectively help repairs of bodybuilders and gym guys and athletes who have torn a muscle and have muscular asymmetries or have had a pinched nerve leading to atrophy of a group of muscles only on one side of the body that we can get matched up by repairing them or giving them better volume with the help of an implant so they still look great at the beach or at the pool.

To find out if one of their procedures could help you find the look of your dreams, contact the NYC office: www.MalePlasticSurgeryNewYork.com or the LA office: www.MalePlasticSurgeryLA.com

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Last modified: July 25, 2019