Here’s the hottest BEAR erotic art on Twitter

Written by | The Lens

If “Grr” is music to your ears, then play on! Bear enthusiasts have transformed Twitter into a woofy wonderland of furtastic content, featuring a den of frisky hunks celebrating their zaftig figures with the watching world.


But beefy tweeps are “oso” varied, serving lewks from cute cubs to polar daddies to muscle queens and everything in between. In fact, some of the most desirable bears in cyberspace aren’t even real – they’re sketched from our dirty minds and splashed onto the ‘net soaking wet.

Paws (pause) for adulation.

As we were saying, animated Adonises are heating up Twitter en masse, so we found a few of the most erotic accounts to share with you. You’re welcome!

First up, Ismael Ferrer creates a treasure trove of NSFW drawings for his eager fans. His style is reminiscent of the Soviet-era strongman, mustachioed imagery in which impossibly hulking figures dominate one another in a bevy of pervy positions.

Oh, that’s not what you’re into? Sure, Jan.

Moving right along, Erotic Leon puts an impressionistic spin on seduction. His mature subjects sprawl alongside warm splatters of color and even hotter scenarios.

One of our fave unsung (yet hung) heroes is Blurph Beardaxe. His bold brushstrokes evoke the gruff-and-tumble world of manly sensuality in all of its gay glory.

One of the best elements of Blurph’s Twitter feed is that he links to the real-world bears who inspire each piece, so his account is essentially a Rolodex of sex!

But if hardcore isn’t quite your speed (pause once more with incredulous delight), you must surf your way over to AwareBear’s gallery. He depicts everyday erotica with an eye for the approachable.

After all, the allure of hairy, plus-size men is their huggability. These teddy bears are sexy, sure, but we also want to snuggle the heck out of them as we drift into hibernation, whisking them into our dreamland, hand in calloused hand. See you in the funny papers!

Last modified: August 22, 2021