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Hibernate with Bobo Bear This Winter

Cold temperatures yield hot snuggles. There is nothing better than cozying up with your special someone and riding out the winter months by simmering in one another’s body heat.

This season will be particularly prone to sheltering in place due to the persistence of the novel coronavirus. Social gatherings are out, so indoors are in! But there’s no reason why you can’t look (and feel) your best while haunting your man cave, courtesy of hibernation wear by Bobo Bear.

Roberto Nisi is the huggable human behind the creative force that is Bobo Bear, an apparel & attitude brand that caters to the hunky, husky man in your life. The masculine allure of Nisi’s art never goes out of style, spanning the calendar from the depths of winter to the sweaty scintillation of summer.

Bobo Bear’s designs look way fine, no matter what angle they dangle. From bulging packages to bangin’ backsides, his swimwear is XXLent.


But as we transition from the summer that never was to a COVID-wary holiday season, Bobo Bear still has you covered. The clothing company has adapted like a brilliant beast to the uncertainty of our situation, responding with an inviting array of face coverings that put the #mask in #masculine.

Bobo Bear’s fierce yet friendly cartoonish appeal perfectly accentuates the contours of the rugged male face. The curious ursine snout transitions seamlessly to the furry frame of the man who wears this playful PPE.

The art of Roberto Nisi was born out of a yearning for connection and compassion. Raised in Italy, Roberto toiled as a grocery store clerk while dreaming a rainbow of fantasies that transcended the market’s dull gray lighting scheme. He soon brought his scruffy vision to life, illustrating queer characters that blurred the line between Homo sapiens and hearty wilderness dwellers.

Roberto lent his name to the creature that has captured our collective LGBTQ+ imagination. Bobo is far from the average bear, and his animated hugs are warm and welcome as we endure this time apart. May we emerge from our seasonal slumber to discover a brighter tomorrow… together.


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