Hiking Eschlikon: Discover What the Swiss Miss

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Eschlikon cabin in hills

Switzerland is a real Mecca for hikers.

Time alone, or in small groups, is one of those activities that can really recharge the soul. And, if you’re a hiking aficionado, you go to Switzerland to scale its glorious mountains and Alps.

Switzerland is a such a gorgeous country with countless dramatic mountains. (In the winter, many of their slopes offer the finest skiing; some might even argue they’re the best in the world.) As for me: I am not a hiker. Most Filipinos I know don’t walk. Well, we do, but only if we must. And when we do, we prefer to walk inside shopping malls surrounded by beautiful, shiny things. But I want to change that. My decade long appreciation of nature has led me astray from the typical Filipinos and so I’ve have taken up walking as a way to exercise and burn off much of the fatty Filipino food and rice that I love so much.

Eschlikon, Switzerland

For walkers the tough treks of the Jungfrau and Haute Route are considered the best in Europe. But for a novice like me, I have gravitated more toward the easier but equally picturesque hiking paths around the town of Eschlikon Switzerland. The municipality is located in the Münchwilen district, on the southeast foot of the Tuttwilerberg along the Aadorf-Wil road. It’s literally off the beaten path — just a small town you pass through on your way to Zurich.

I discovered this little town because my Filipino friend Brian lives here and he’s invited
me to stay. Because there’s not much tourist stuff to see here, I decided to go for a walk on a small hill behind his small village. I basically just parked my car, took my camera gear and walked through the enchanting forest with its winter mist. I don’t know how something so beautiful and enchanting can also be a bit
of a nerve-wracking adventure; perhaps it was because I basically had the entire hill to myself. Eschlikon hiking walks remind of the easier walking trails in Italy and France.

Eschlikon, Switzerland

When I got home, I showed the images I took to Brian, and his immediate comment was “That’s beautiful! Where was that taken?” When I told him it was taken at the hill behind his home, he couldn’t believe it. “I’ve lived here for over 15 years and I have never even gone there,” he told me. Fact is, there are so many walking paths in Switzerland that you can practically have a huge expanse to yourself like I did. If you’re looking to do a hiking trip, definitely consider taking that trip in Switzerland. There are many tour operators
who specialize in this type of adventure. They can arrange packages for you and your friends and family.
If you’re in a group, they can also set up a special itinerary, upgrade accommodations, or tack on a few days of relaxation at the end.

Last modified: December 13, 2017