His Downward Dog Really Perks Us Up

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Confession time: one of the greatest fringe benefits of going to the gym is the eye candy. After all, the best motivation for bulking up (or slimming down) is to see a preview of your “end” results. By ogling other human forms, you’re basically window-shopping for your own ideal physique…

Sure, let’s go with that ol’ excuse.

Taking this voyeuristic line of reasoning to its logical extreme, naked yoga is the optimal way to commune with other alluring specimens in various states of moaning and release.

Though we can’t currently gather indoors due to COVID-19, we can still enjoy wellness with a side of willies. DC Naked Yoga has moved their services online to put some “Zoom” in your step, courtesy of yogi master Dan Carter.

Dan is a vision in peach-colored flesh. His flexibility is inspiring, and his all-male courses cater to the adventurous LGBTQ+ crowd.

So how do Dan’s naked yoga participants prevent their nether regions from striking a “warrior pose”? He addressed the issue of erectile malfunctions in a recent interview with GagaTai.

“Sometimes our bodies are beyond our control, although yoga certainly helps with that,” explains Dan. “We have had guys get hard during class before, and it’s really no big deal. Some guys keep practicing at full mast and usually get soft again as blood moves around the body for the practice… When someone gets aroused in class, they have the option of coming down into a resting pose or continuing to practice, as long as they’re not acting inappropriately. You’d be surprised how rarely this happens, though. We work pretty hard in class.”

And we’re working “hard” not to counter Dan’s sincere sentiments with lurid innuendo. Hmm, guess we failed. You must forgive our cheeky attitude, but the men of DC Naked Yoga have expanded our minds and stretched our fertile imagination.

Dan Carter welcomes all ages and body types, like a rainbow of inclusion stripped down to its essential foundations. Until we can meet in-person anew, Dan’s online sessions fuel our resolve to get centered, get fit, and get as much naked yoga as possible in our lives. OmMG, indeed.


Photo: Instagram @danimal_fitness

Last modified: November 24, 2020