Amy Sedaris Returns to TV in “Welcome Home”

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Amy Sedaris

It’s time to get your DIY on! Actress, comedian and former Metrosource cover girl Amy Sedaris returns to television October 24 on At Home with Amy Sedaris. Along with a cast of guest characters played by the likes of Stephen Colbert, Jane Krakowski and Paul Giamatti, Sedaris brings a potpourri of home economics in 10-episodes of crafting-cum-comedy on truTV. Each installment follows a theme (gift giving, wood, lovemaking, fish) and teaches indispensable life skills that run the gamut from making raisin necklaces to entertaining businessmen. Sedaris’ combination of laughter and lessons is sure to entertain, and will remind viewers of most important lesson of all: “To be the perfect host, accentuate the positives and medicate the negatives.”

Last modified: July 19, 2019