How To Get Away With Murder (Season 1)

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This show bears several obvious similarities to its
fellow Shonda Rhimes–produced ABC Thursday night companions Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal — e.g., sexy, star-studded casts who seem suspiciously well-groomed for their professions.

Photo By Mitchell Haaseth/ABC

However, unlike the more circular goings-on of the Seattle bed-hoppers and Washington scandal mongerers, How to Get Away with Murder has a plot that seems to be headed somewhere specific. It may be a big claim to make after only one season, but it feels like there’s real storytelling momentum in this tale of a top gun defense attorney/law school professor who becomes entangled in a murder with her student-interns. Plus, its intricate structure — which showcases well-executed time jumping that makes for exciting revelations — feels like the show trusts its audience’s intelligence THE WORD: Give the show credit for the fact that gay intern Connor (pictured) is the most sexually active; plus, we’d watch lead actress Viola Davis read the phone book. COMING TO: Home Video — plus Season 2 premieres September 24.

Last modified: July 28, 2017