Hungry for Humor? Feast on ‘Breaking Fast’

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Why be humble? Gays are the best! But sometimes, society gets in our way. Pesky notions like society, religion, and tradition conspire to dull our rainbow glow and hinder our fabulosity.

But a new rom-com is tickling those taboos and celebrating unexpected love that lurks in the most unexpected places. Breaking Fast focuses on a Muslim doctor who is raising temperatures in the WeHo scene. Haaz Sleiman slays the lead role with charisma, quirkiness, and cuteness to spare.

When Mo meets Kal, his world is upended, not to mention his eating schedule. The narrative unfolds during Ramadan, a sacred time of observance and restraint. But it’s difficult to adhere to a strict diet when you are cavorting with man-meat like Michael Cassidy, the delicious co-star of Breaking Fast.

The two burgeoning lovers encounter ignorance from all sides. Their flamboyant queer cohorts dismiss the parameters of Islam while their respective families clash culturally. The film’s cast is a smorgasbord of shimmering talent, from relative unknowns to true showbiz royalty.

Yes, that’s the iconic Veronica Cartwright (back in the day), and now she’s bringing her witchy wonders to Breaking Fast. The big-idea project began as a short-form comedy back in 2015. Writer-director Mike Mosallam captured the incandescence and inconvenience of romance as it swims upstream.

Since then, the filmmakers re-imagined the story, expanding it to encompass the full spectrum of the LGBTQ+ experience as seen through a Muslim lens. Breaking Fast’s characters weather absurdity and yearning with comedic aplomb.

In one hilarious sequence, Mo assures Kel that his immigrant family is not merely a stereotype. Cut to the aforementioned family showing up at Mo’s door ululating hilariously.

Breaking Fast has cooked up a buffet of appeal across various demographics. It is an official selection at Outfest, just one of the dozens of accolades this charming movie continues to accrue. Fall in love with diversity. Fall in love with representation. Fall in love with Breaking Fast.



Last modified: March 9, 2021