Hate on Skates Comes to the Cinema with “I, Tonya”

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I Tonya

Why revisit the infamous tale of Tonya Harding? It turns out that the story of the famously trashy skater with talent enough to reach the Olympics but not the polish and poise typically required by the sport is a damned good one. In a confused burst of ‘good intentions’, Harding’s abusive ex-husband and his delusional best friend contract a dimwit to crack one of Tonya’s competitors on the knee with a pipe. The ensuing media circus remains one of the nation’s most memorable, however it takes a backseat here to the story of the woman herself, for whom you’ll find new compassion because Margo Robbie plays her with such genuine pathos. Alison Janney channels Tonya’s caustic mother to hilarious perfection, and Paul Walter Hauser (as the best friend) plays a uniquly absurd human with such specificity, he might deserve awards. THE WORD: What makes the biggest impression is its domestic violence — shockingly real with each sudden smack. THE WHERE: Theaters

Last modified: March 28, 2019