Ideas for Wedding & Baby Arrival Events

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When it comes to all the events surrounding weddings and starting a family with a child, there are plenty of ideas to celebrate. You don’t have to do the cliché, but there are reasons that they exist. Especially when you’re outside the family, you can look at the ideas for your friend’s wedding parties and pregnancy events. Whether it’s a bachelorette party or baby shower, there are plenty of ideas for a great event celebrating the milestone. It’s important for the people to enjoy these times, so if you’re helping organize here are some ideas.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

The connotation of bachelor and bachelorette parties is that they can be seedy or deceitful. This does not have to be the case. It’s a time when the husband or wife-to-be gets together with their closest platonic friends. You could organize a wine tasting, a theater, a concert, a weekend trip to the mountains, or a city trip to hit bars and restaurants. Whoever the person is and whatever is right for the group should be combined to create the best possible party for the bachelor and bachelorettes closest friends.

The Ceremony

Depending on who is getting married, the ceremony will be specific to their tastes. Outdoor summer weddings are popular, but so are vineyard spring weddings. Desert weddings in the winter are an option. You can go far or keep it near. You can have the ceremony in a traditional or unique place. Furthermore, the ceremony can be in a different location than the wedding reception, which can be a lot looser and more laid-back.  

Wedding Reception

The wedding ceremony will probably be determined by a host of people, but the reception is more for the fun people. A great reception has a few things—great food, good free drinks, ceremonial desserts, and amazing decorations. You can buy themed balloons, but you could also go a step further and buy the burning sticks known as sparklers for a wedding. There are even heart sparklers. You can make it as memorable as the fireworks on the Fourth of July.

There are so many options when it comes to wedding receptions. You can go to a vineyard for a venue. Rent out a space. Find a beautiful place to host the party. Whatever the style of the wedding and the people involved, there are so many ways to celebrate and enable everyone to truly enjoy the experience.

Baby Arrival/Announcement Activities

Whether you are planning to announce a child, organize a baby shower, or reveal the sex of the baby, it is possible to celebrate the conception and arrival of the child. You can create an environment where the friends and family can enjoy alcohol and have fun, even though the mother cannot. Or you can do something more wholesome. For example, you could make baby clothes or buy homemade ones. Crochet baby booties are popular. So are beanies.

Another popular event is to announce the sex of the baby. Parents can get really excited about telling their family whether the baby is a girl or a boy. There are plenty ways of introducing the sex of the baby to the friends and family or, in some cases, to the parents. You could get gendered balloons or even buy a gender reveal baseball. Whatever it is, there are so many ways to enjoy the process of announcing and celebrating the arrival of a baby. You don’t have to be directly involved to help organize one of these events and see the value in them.

Wedding events and parties to celebrate the arrival of a baby are varied and specific to the people involved. There is no shortage of ideas. Whether the parents want to do a gender reveal party or a simple bachelor party, it doesn’t have to be cliché, but it should be the appropriate way to celebrate the occasion.

Life is short and these events are significant. It is important to celebrate them but avoid indulgence. It is necessary to welcome the new era and acknowledge the changes that are happening in the lives of the couple but also everyone else involved. Luckily, there are so many ways to truly enjoy and celebrate the significant events in life.

Last modified: May 25, 2022