Idina Menzel Lets It Go with a Powerful Personal Statement

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From the Tony Award-winning diva who ascended to new heights of superstardom thanks to a certain ubiquitous song from Frozen comes this personal, introspective, powerful release.

Photo courtesy Warner Bros. Records.

Photo courtesy Warner Bros. Records.

Idina Menzel

idina (Warner Bros. Records)

It features production by Eric Rosse and Greg Wells — the former revered for his work with Tori Amos and Sara Bareilles, the latter a frequent Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson collaborator. The album seems to channel the last few years of Menzel’s life, which has been largely one tumult after another. On one hand, Idina made history — simultaneously achieving a Billboard smash with “Let It Go” and winning a Tony for If/Then. Yet during the same period, she was also navigating a split from her husband of 10 years, actor Taye Diggs. Her career success is reflected in tracks like “Queen of Swords” — hands down the most straightforward pop song she’s ever released. Meanwhile, the heartbreak of her divorce is expressed on tracks such as “Everybody Knows,” “Last Time” and the gorgeous album closer, “Nothin’ In This World.” For more Menzel, join her Facebook fans at

Last modified: August 31, 2017