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International Bear Convergence (IBC) Roars Its Way to Palm Springs

Passion flourishes in hibernation. It craves caves, it swells in silence, and it erupts in the shadows.

In other words, sex is a real bear.

Luckily, there’s an event designed to tame your inner oso. International Bear Convergence (IBC if you’re nasty) descends on Palm Springs in February, and one of the themes this year is Darkness. Late night drinks at Hunters, “meat” and greets at Blackbook, and a lusty, leering labyrinth at the host hotel (ZOSO) called The Maze – these are the hallmarks of bliss in the abyss.

But if sunlight is your kink, shine on! Three days of pool parties beckon you to flirt fiercely with your fellow fellas. IBC might be named for bears, but it welcomes all types: cubs, wolves, otters, pigs – it’s a wild kingdom of daddies!

And if you think the crowds are alluring, take a gander at the entertainment! Big Dipper will be shaking his scantily clad rump at the Redemption bash, so get there early and get a load of his jelly… metaphorically speaking.

The DJ roster is also a who’s-who of hoo-boy! From San Diego to San Antonio (not to mention Vegas, Barcelona and Miami), the best spinners on gawd’s gay earth will be dropping the beat and bringing the heat. Matt Effect, Chub Jim, Alex Ferbeyre, DJ Galaxy and Marcos Moreno take turns at the turntable to get your toes tapping and your paws clapping.

Find love at the speed dating event, find lunch at any number of gay eateries, and find laughs at The Dirty Show with Skyler Gentry. This sassy psychic conjures up naughty horoscopes for those in attendance (yes you will participate, bish) with gag-worthy results.

Beyond the sweaty sensuality of IBC, the festival is all about inclusion at its furry core. Bigger men are sometimes shamed and shunned for their curves, but now they’re celebrated with an entire weekend dedicated to hairy hugs, queer kisses and more manliness than you can shake a stick at (nice stick, btw).

So leave your inhibitions at home and have a grunty, gropey grrreat time, hunty bear!

Photo: Instagram @ibcpalmsprings 

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