It's Another Manila Sunrise . . . Make That Sunset

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Whenever I visit my family in Manila, I see to it that I make time to drop in on our beach property in Bataan, a province three hours north of the city.

Manilla, Phillipines

I just love it here. It’s not anywhere on the Top 10 tourist destinations among Filipino travelers, but that may be the best thing about it. It’s away from the hordes of tourists and families and their assorted screaming children.

Manilla, Phillipines

Manila sunset, famous worldwide, can be seen from Bataan and it is quite incredible. Make sure you’re up to see it … perhaps whith a locally-made San Miguel Beer in hand.

Manilla, Phillipines

The roadsides are lined with gorgeous mango, papaya, avocado and cashew trees. The beaches in Bataan are beautiful, but they’re not the most impressive in the Philippines. Locals tend to opt for white sand beaches while Bataan offers light gray sand. However the water is very clean and clear, and infinitely better than those I’ve seen in Central America. The sand is really pure and the water is inviting and warm. What more could you want?

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Last modified: July 11, 2017